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Why Choose Crimsafe

Crimsafe stands out as tougher than the rest. Our thicker mesh and the patented screw-clap system have consistently proven to be stronger and harder to penetrate than our competitors.

Crimsafe looks great. Our stainless steel mesh screens provide maximum security without the prison-like appearance of bars or grilles. Our powder-coated mesh screens and frames provide your home or business with simple clean lines that look as good as the feeling of security they provide.

Crimsafe improves your energy efficiency. Glass windows and doors are responsible for up to 40% of household heat gain/loss. Installing our products in these locations will improve cooling and heat retention, and the overall cost-savings of a building.

Crimsafe is corrosion-resistant. Simulating 30 years of environmental exposure, our screens have been subjected to more than 3000 hours of salt spray testing without showing any corrosion, loss of adhesion, or blistering.


Crimsafe started production in Australia in 1996, responding to a need for outstanding security for both homes and businesses without the imprisoning appearance of bars or grills.

This is where the idea of a woven stainless steel mesh was born. something that would be incredibly strong and turn window screens into a security measure capable of keeping out threats much greater than insects.

Crimsafe developed a high tensile woven stainless steel mesh, anchored by a unique screw-clamp™ system screwed through the mesh and into the frame. This resulted in a spectacularly strong yet still versatile security screen that provides excellent airflow and visibility, and a streamlined appearance that enhances your home instead of dominating it.

Crimsafe has become the market leader in stainless steel security screen products. The company was purchased by Oceania Capital Partners in 2015 and is has begun expanding product sales globally.

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