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Improve Your Home Comfort With Residential Window Film

With the significant increase of homeowners requesting homes with plenty of windows to add a flow of natural light, it would be useful to know how to accommodate the extra factors windows could bring to your home. Residential window film helps block out UV rays so that the glare will decrease, and the value of your home will increase. Adding window tint to your home is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make. Today, Tennessee Film Solutions will share with you ways to improve your home comfort by adding residential window film! 

Save Money With Residential Window Film

First, let’s consider the amount of energy that can be saved by adding window tinting to your home. As you may be on the fence about getting window film, it is great to know the benefits of it, with saving money being one of the top benefits. While the summertime is obviously great for window tinting, the same applies to the wintertime. During the hot months of the year, window tinting helps greatly with preventing your home from getting too hot too quickly. With the cool months of winter approaching quickly, window tinting is beneficial for keeping the heat in. As heat stays in your home more efficiently, you will save money on heating your home. 

Reduce Glare

Another way that adding residential window film can improve comfort is by decreasing the glare in your home. Since the time recently changed, you may have noticed the sun shining in places of your home you have not seen lately. This could potentially lead to harsh glares coming into your home. The dangers of glares coming into your home could lead to hurting your vision. Light scatters inside your eye, with the chance of hurting your eyes’ ability to focus well and make images sharp.

As well as the potential threat to your vision, it could cause annoyance while watching television. If you have friends or family over to watch a movie or a sporting game, you don’t want to have to stare at a glare the entire time! Luckily for you, this is quite a simple fix. Adding window tinting is an inexpensive way to help prevent these potential issues from occurring.


Now that we have emphasized how vital window tinting is for your own sake of cutting back on money and glares, let’s talk about privacy.

No one wants to feel as if they are being watched in their home. What is one way to feel safer and more comfortable in your home? Tinting your windows. You may have your vehicle’s windows tinted to add privacy while you’re driving down the road. The same idea applies here! Adding a tint to your home’s windows is especially great for the living room, where it may be easy to peek in from the road. Residential window film not only prevents neighbors and others from peaking in but also adds more security to the glass. This could come in handy to help protect you during storms and potential break-ins.

Reduce Fading With Residential Window Film

Another tip you may not realize is that window tinting can help with the premature fading of pieces of furniture in your home. If you have ever left something in your car for long enough, you may have noticed it starting to fade in color. This is the same process with items inside your home receiving extreme sunlight. While curtains offer some protection, window tinting can still provide protection while showing off your windows and not hiding them with curtains. 

Maybe you are hesitant to invest in window tinting due to the potential event of accidental damage. You should know that if you are the original purchaser of this autobahn window film installation, and should ever experience any accidental damage to your autobahn window film, you may exercise your one-time ‘No Fault’ warranty option. If for any reason you should need to replace damaged window film, contact your local authorized autobahn dealer for service, or call the toll-free number on this card for a dealer nearest you. This warranty entitles the original autobahn purchaser up to $75.00 retail value towards the replacement of one damaged window. Any costs in excess of $75.00 will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Our goal with residential window tinting is to help you and your family. This is accomplished by honoring that warranty when it applies and providing our professional knowledge and experience to your windows. We want you to feel as secure as possible, while your home maintains an ideal temperature so you can experience more comfort in your home. 

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You can rely on your local window tinting company Tennessee Film Solutions in order to feel more comfortable in your home. Adding residential window tinting can significantly decrease energy bills, harsh glares, and unwanted eyes peeking into your home. The benefits of window tinting are important, and we hope we have given you a glimpse as to why! 

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