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No window tint job is too large or small for us to take on. Whether you are considering a window film installation for your 5,000 square foot corporate office, or for your 1200 square foot tech startup company we can get the job done no matter the size.

Are you looking to save money on utility bills? Commercial window tinting provides an economical solution to keeping your business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Since window films keep your office at a consistent temperature without the need for constant adjustment or fluctuation, it allows your commercial HVAC system to work more efficiently and less frequently, resulting in fewer energy costs.

TN Film Solution’s window tinting will protect the interior of your office along with all your office equipment, hardware, supplies, and furniture from harmful UV Rays that can cause glare and fading. Tinting exterior office windows can improve the overall productivity of your business by reducing the midday nuisance of computer screen glare, allowing fewer distractions and greater efficiency. You will also be protecting the greatest investment in your company- your employees- from exposure to harmful UV rays that can cause tons of health problems such as skin cancer, eye problems, weakened immune system, and sun damage to the skin. Protect your employees from uncomfortable heat and dangerous UV rays while saving money on energy costs.

Commercial window tint can increase privacy from strangers while improving the comprehensive visual appeal of your office building. Decorative window tinting is also an option, particularly for interior offices or conference rooms that need privacy film. Decorating interior office windows with corporate logos or artistic designs can provide privacy as well as enhance the aesthetics of your office.

Doors and windows are the most popular entry points for burglars and smash-and-grab thieves. Glass is an inviting target for vandals committed to mischief or crime. Safety and security films are like an invisible shield that provides protection from broken glass when accidents or break-ins occur at your office. Security films reduce the risk of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and safely attached to the window film. There are countless benefits to commercial window tinting, but here are just a few advantages worth noting.


  1. Cut heating and cooling expenditure
  2. Diminish glare, especially computer screen glare
  3. Increase comfort for employees and office staff
  4. Create privacy in your office
  5. Protect company assets
  6. Filter out 99% of the UV rays
  7. Manufacturer-backed warranty

TN Film Solutions offers an assortment of solar control films, safety films, and security films, as well as decorative window films for all your office or business needs. Whether you are trying to reduce heating and cooling costs, protect inventory, or just give your office a modern makeover, TN Film Solutions can make it happen. We provide a free window tinting estimate and guarantee the best customer service and your complete satisfaction. TN Film Solutions services the greater Chattanooga area including, Look Out Mountain, Hixson, Cleveland, Athens and, Ringgold, GA. Contact us online or call 423-226-6878 to get started on your commercial window tint project today!