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Looking for an aesthetically pleasing and economical window option for your office? Bring both flair and function to any glass surface with our wide array of decorative window films. Decorative window films are a brilliant option for your business, especially for interior offices or conference rooms that require privacy. Frosted window films diffuse light without significantly cutting down the ambient light. Decorating interior office windows with artistic designs or corporate logos can provide privacy as well as improve the visual appeal of your office space.

Modernize your office with decorative window film options like an elegant frosted film panel or vibrantly embossed privacy film. Decorative Window Film will transform ordinary glass doors and windows with extraordinary designs that will give you the privacy you need with the pop of personality you desire. Intended as a cost-effective and practical solution for re-inventing the look of glass, decorative window film puts the fun in functional.

We provide an affordable alternative to etched glass. Whether you’re looking to bring privacy to your conference room, filter the light in your reception area, or are just itching to spice up your space, our decorative window tinting options will give you the freedom to customize and optimize the use of your glass. Our decorative glass films provide a trifecta of benefits that includes the following…

  • A Customized Look
  • Increased Privacy
  • Glare Reduction

Frosted glass films can tastefully provide an entirely new environment of space, light, and beauty to your place of business. Frosted film is a cost-effective alternative to expensive etched glass. Etched glass is pretty, but it is extremely pricey and cannot be altered once etched. LLumar frosted glass films give the appearance of expensive etched glass without requiring you to break the bank. Our frosted glass films come in different patterns and shades and are easily removed and replaced when a new look is desired.


Decorative window films offer a simple, stylish, and desired level of privacy and glare reduction to any flat glass application. Designed as a retrofit product to improve the functionality and appearance of glass, frosted window films can be applied horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create stunning effects.


  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Functional Use of Glass
  3. Add Personality or Flair to your Office
  4. Increase Privacy
  5. Reduce Glare
  6. Flexible Design Options
  7. Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Work Environment

If you have a vision, we can transform it into a reality! If you want to learn more about decorative window films, feel free to contact us online or call 423-226-6878. Our decorative window tint company services the entire metro Chattanooga, area, including Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Hixson, North Shore, Chickamauga, Cleveland TN, Dalton, and Ringgold Ga.