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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Solar Window Film

Keep Your Home Warm With Solar Window Film | TN Film Solutions

Winter is here and the cold air has triggered the switch from air conditioning to heating on our HVAC systems. So how do we help keep our homes warm and comfortable during the winter months without driving up our utility bills? Consider solar window film installation from Tennessee Film Solutions. Solar window film brings numerous advantages to your home and its possessions and keeping your living spaces cozy and pleasant on those chilly winter nights is one of the best.

Benefits of solar window film during winter

#1 Keep The Heat Inside

Solar window film acts as a barrier between the elements in nature and the interiors of your home. By trapping in the warm air that your furnace creates and blocking leakage to the outside, your home will stay at the proper temperatures during the cold months. This alleviates overworking your furnace and HVAC and allows for a much more manageable monthly utility bill.

#2 Added Privacy & Security

During the holidays, homes are much more susceptible to smash and grab burglaries due to the number of consumer items brought into the home for gift giving. Window film creates a layer of privacy and security by limiting the visibility of the belongings in your home and lessening potential break-ins.

#3 Protection From The Elements

Winter weather can take a toll on your home. Freezing rain, sleet, ice, and snow cause many damaging situations from falling tree limbs to structural damage. Solar window film will help protect the windows and in case of a broken window, the film will prevent the glass from shattering and becoming more dangerous.

#4 Reduces Glare

During the winter, it gets cold outside but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining. Glare produced by the sun’s rays can cause blind spots, hindered viewing, and hotspots in your home. Solar film will help minimize these annoying beams of light and make your home glare-free.

#5 Protects Your Furniture & Belongings

The sun produces harmful UV rays that will bleach out the fabric on your furniture, rugs, clothing, and can damage home goods. With window film, your house gains an extra layer of protection from these harmful rays, helping to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Tennessee Film Solutions has over 15 years of expert experience in the proper installation and maintenance of solar window film. Our team of trained technicians can help guide you through the entire process and make sure your solar window film is correctly installed for the best results.

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