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Lower Your Office Bills With Commercial Window Tinting

One of the best ways for your business to save money is to reduce your energy bill. While following energy conservation tips such as turning off lights you are not using and utilizing programmable thermostats is helpful, commercial window tinting will help even more. Doors and windows are actually some of the weakest points of a building’s insulation. Today, our commercial window tinting company, Tennessee Film Solutions, will share with you a few reasons why adding a window film will help your business in various ways. 

Average Commercial Energy Costs

First, let’s consider the average commercial energy bill in multiple regions of America. It is important to note, however, that this price differs based on a few different factors. One is which electrical devices are actually being used, whether your business is using more LED bulbs or printers, or heavy-duty equipment. Another factor is where your business is located. If you’re located in California, you will have higher costs than say someone in the South. The average utility cost for a 700-square-foot location potentially ranges between $200-$1150 per month. 

How Can You Cut Back On Costs & What Else Could Commercial Window Tinting Benefit? 

Commercial window tinting can save your business money. You may not realize, but around 35% of your heat or air conditioning (at most) can be lost through your windows. Window film can help save on energy by cutting back the amount of air lost through the windows. Even if your commercial windows are fairly new, there can still be a significant amount of energy lost. Your HVAC systems are created to keep your commercial building at its optimal temperature. With heat or air being let out throughout the day, your HVAC system is working extra hard to reach the optimal level of comfort.

So not only will adding window film save you money on your bill, it will also help you save money on HVAC maintenance. If your system is constantly overworking itself, it will lead to many issues and potentially shut down, which would be a huge investment to recover it. It is best to prevent future issues now then have to face the problems later on. 

Adding a window film is a low cost service, which will save you money in multiple ways. It reduces cooling costs by as much as 50%. 

By adding commercial window tinting, there is an added extra layer of insulation to the glass. How does adding a window tint help block out the sun? To go into more detail of this process, let’s discuss the specific material of what the window tint is made of. The window film is mostly made up of polyester. The reason window tinting utilizes this is because it’s extremely durable, water resistant and affordable. Our tinting company will execute quality work while putting your mind at ease by saving your company money each year. 

Commercial Window Tinting Improves Employee’s Productivity

If your office space is too warm and uncomfortable, this may cause unproductivity for your employees. They may become too hot, leading to a lack of motivation and slower work. Another important aspect that may be overlooked is how window tinting can get rid of harsh glares. If your employees deal with headaches or eye strain, this could benefit them greatly by darkening the windows. 

Fading Caused By Direct Sunlight 

Not only does window film help your business save money on bills but also can help reduce fading or deterioration by blocking the ultraviolet rays. Although there is not a window film in existence to completely prevent objects on the receiving end of UV rays from naturally fading, it will greatly prolong the process. 

Privacy & Security

Last but not least, commercial window tinting provides privacy from strangers. The window film is a very cost-effective solution to strengthen security. Commercial window tinting enhances the regular glass windows and makes them harder to shatter. Having our window film installed helps protect windows against break-ins, vandalization, natural disasters and more. 

Our window tinting company, Tennessee Film Solutions takes pride in how we provide our services. Whether it’s in Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, North Shore, Chickamauga or any other surrounding city in the Chattanooga area, we will provide high quality window film. We offer a variety of window films for all your office or business needs. Whether you are trying to reduce cost, or just give your building that new look, Tennessee Film Solutions can make it happen. Give us a call today!

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