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Solar Window Film Really Works For Your Home or Business

The sun provides us so many natural resources and benefits. It brings us light, warmth, and growth. But the sun also cast harsh UV rays on our homes, businesses, and our skin. Solar window film is the perfect protection from the sun’s harmful rays and brings a multitude of benefits along with it. The experienced technicians at TN Film Solutions are here to provide warranty backed solar control products for your home or business.

5 Benefits of solar window film

#1 Protects your belongings

Over time, the sun’s UV rays will begin to fade and damage items in your home or business. Rugs, furniture, and upholstery are all subject to the sun’s harmful effects. Solar window film blocks 99.9% of the UV rays which preserves the condition of your belongings.

#2 Cuts down on utility costs

Solar tinting also blocks out the sun’s warmth in the summer and traps in heat in the winter. This natural heating and cooling will help alleviate strain on your HVAC and keep utility bills lower.

#3 Added Security

Professional window tinting also adds two layers of security to your home or business. The film obscures the view into your residence or commercial property which deters vandals. It also adds a layer of protection that makes it more difficult to break but also keeps the glass in one piece instead of creating a hazard if it shatters.

#4 Prohibits skin damage

Your skin is also susceptible to damage from UV rays. Heavy exposure over the course of time can potentially lead to skin cancer. Solar control films will protect you and others who enter your home or business.

#5 Curb Appeal

When you install window film to your commercial property or residence it gives the exterior a new, sleek aesthetic. This addition gives a level of professional design that raises your property value and makes your home or business stand out.

Professional Solar Window Film Installation in Atlanta, Ga

The professionals at TN Film have over 16 years of experience with solar control film installation. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. With that philosophy, we provide high-quality products and services for all our clients. We believe you will not find another shop in Chattanooga that will match the professionalism, service, or installations that we can offer. TN Film Solutions offers window tinting products and installation services in metro Chattanooga and its surrounding areas. Our company also services Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Hixson, North Shore, Chickamauga, Cleveland TN, Dalton, and Ringgold Ga. Contact us online or call 423-226-6878 to get a free quote.