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What Are The Benefits To Commercial Window Tinting?

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Are you looking to save money on utility bills? Commercial window tinting provides an economical solution to keeping your business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Since window films keep your office at a consistent temperature without the need for constant adjustment or fluctuation, it allows your commercial HVAC system to work more efficiently and less frequently, resulting in fewer energy costs. Additionally, commercial window tinting has a lot of other benefits. Here, Tennessee Film Solutions discusses some of the top benefits of window film and talks about why you should have it installed today.

Reduce & Save On Your Energy Bill

According to the Department of Energy, roughly 25% – 30% of your building’s energy is lost through the windows. To minimize this loss, companies end up running their HVAC systems none stop. An easy fix to this problem is commercial window tinting. Window tint adds an extra layer of insulation that helps trap in heat. The film reflects the sun’s UV rays away from your building. This keeps the temperature inside cooler during the summer and also warmer in the winter. This helps reduce the use of your HVAC system to balance the temperature of the building. Because of this, it makes your energy bill lower at the end of each month. Save money with commercial window film today!

Improve Productivity 

Another commercial window tinting benefit is the impact it can have on your work staff. Having an uncomfortable office result in lower employee productivity. A less efficient team can lead to poor quality work. However, because window film helps control and balance the temperature, it can also make your employees more efficient and productive. Additionally, window tint can also help with things like glare. Glare in the office can cause headaches and/or eye strain. So to improve productivity it is a good idea to invest in commercial window film. Call us today to learn more about pricing.

Attract More Local Business 

Window tint or even decorative window film makes your business look more professional. When potential customers walk by your business, that sleek look can help drive them into your business. They’ll be more likely to walk in out of curiosity, purchase your services, ask about your business, etc. This will help you grow and find new streams of revenue. You’ll be able to do business with people you might not have found through your normal marketing strategies.

Improve Your Safety & Security 

With any business comes potential thieves, and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to stop them. Make sure you talk to your commercial window tinting company about security film. This type of window tint makes your windows shatter-resistant. Even if break-ins aren’t something you’re concerned about, security window film can make the workspace safer for your employees. Should an accident or storm happen that involves a broken window, the broken glass will stay in place, reducing the chances of someone getting potentially hurt. 

Increase Privacy 

Commercial window tinting makes the glass darker and much harder for people to see into. This is important for companies that handle sensitive information. Added privacy can make your clients feel more comfortable when handling valuable assets. With privacy comes comfort. If you don’t provide enough privacy, you’ll lose your clients due to them not feeling comfortable with their things of value. 

Reduce Fading 

The sun gives off harmful UV rays which can damage your business products and assets. Due to direct sun exposure through the windows upholstery will fade, crack or wear out. You’ll end up having to replace the furniture sooner than later without window tint. Commercial window tint blocks these harmful UV rays, which keep everything inside your building safe from the sun. For more information on pricing be sure to call TN Film Solutions today.

Need Commercial Window Tinting?

TN Film Solutions offers an assortment of solar control films, safety films, and security films, as well as decorative window films for all your office or business needs. Whether you are trying to reduce heating and cooling costs, protect inventory, or just give your office a modern makeover, TN Film Solutions can make it happen. We provide a free window tinting estimate and guarantee the best customer service and your complete satisfaction. TN Film Solutions services the greater Chattanooga area including, Look Out Mountain, Hixson, Cleveland, Athens and, Ringgold, GA. Contact us online or call 423-226-6878 to get started on your commercial window tint project today!